Friday, October 8, 2010

general info about zootcase

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there you were 5:30 from the CD Up the Highway 2005; Victor Bateman, bass; Ron Davis, piano; John Deehan, saxophone; Howard Gaul, drums; Chris Whiteley, trumpet.
sweet summer morning 4:20 Up the Highway 2005; Norman Amadio, piano; Jack McFadden, bass.
brand new lover 5:43 from the CD Warm in a Cool Place 2007; Jason Agouris, piano; Henry Heilig, bass.
heart and haley 4:33 from the CD Feme Sole 2002; Jason Agouris, keyboards; Eddie Baltimore, guitar; Fergus Hambleton, sax & clarinet; Dennis Pendrith, bass; Gary Orme, drums.
ferzootin' 4:41 from the cassette Between the House & the Barn 1998; Victor Bateman, bass; Wally Brooker, sax, Maureen Brown, drums; Bill Westcott, keyboards; Chris Whiteley, trumpet; Dan Whiteley, guitar.
flying shadows 3:12 recorded Feb. 2007; Norman Amadio, piano; Dennis Pendrith, bass.
love solo 5:56 from the CD Mbodeo 2000; Howard Gaul, drums; Dennis Pendrith, bass; Kim Ratcliffe, guitar; Chris Whiteley, trumpet.
havelock street 4:21 from the CD Feme Sole 2002; same as heart and haley
hijack heart attack 4:06 from the CD Warm in a Cool Place 2007; Victor Bateman, bass; John Deehan, saxophone; Howard Gaul, drums; Chris Whiteley, guitar, trumpet.
cycling 4:02 Up the Highway 2005; Norman Amadio, piano; Jack McFadden, bass.
true blue 3:02 Up the Highway 2005; Norman Amadio, piano; Jack McFadden, bass.
mr. alone 4:07 Warm in a Cool Place 2007; Jason Agouris, piano; Henry Heilig, bass.
see you again 3:37 recorded Feb. 2007; Norman Amadio, piano; John Deehan, flute; Dennis Pendrith, bass.
appearing tonight 2:37 recorded Feb. 2009; Norm Amadio, piano

all music, lyrics & vocals, Zoe Chilco / all songs c. Z. Chilco, 2009

Here's a post-Minden pic of three performers plus friend; Norm had to run to another gig.


starting at bottom:
Huntsville performance
The rehearsal at Minden
Three pics from Minden show


OK, the shows have been played, the audiences have been wonderful, and here are a few comments that people have made or emailed:

“Zoe has created a kind of contemporary opera in Zootcase, bringing the audience into an intimate moment of a young woman's life as she meets and becomes involved with the legendary Zoot Sims. There's magic in her songs, and revelation in the lovely monologues between the songs. This is really very special.” M.F., Minden

“The last two hours have flown by like a bird released from the heart; a tender, wonderful thing!” E. B., Toronto

“More moving than all of Nuit Blanche put together”. B.B., Toronto

posted Sept. 23 on Jian Ghomeshi’s Facebook page:
Jian, check this out! Don't miss this Toronto!"Zootcase" by Zoe ChilcoBancroft, Bala, Huntsville, Minden, & Toronto, Ont.This is a story in words (narration) and song (originals) about Zoe Chilco and Zoot Sims; their love affair, his influence, her growth musically and spiritually. With Norm Amadio, piano; John Deehan, sax; Ron Johnston, bass;
’one of the best shows I’ve ever seen’Lila

“Wonderfully courageous; fabulous songs. I'm so proud of you, dear friend”. S. L., Toronto

“The show was fantastic. I didn't know what to expect, but it was great – the music, the script. ....and the musicians were wonderful”. M. B., Toronto

“It is an impressive showpiece that you have put together. ...your descriptions of scenes from the late 70’s brings back a lot of memories for me. I admire your honesty and courage to mount a piece like Zootcase.” M.B., Minden

“You should make this into a movie…I could visualize all the scenes.” L.B., Bancroft

“I loved the line you had in which you said you forgave the young person you had been” S.M.,Toronto

“It was a provocative (and evocative) piece. We loved it”. A.L., Toronto

“….like a good book that you think about afterwards.” C.B., Minden

"You were fantastic! Brilliant. ....A beautiful, quality, expert performance...It was a WOW!" S.W., Minden

“I loved it, and could relate to it in so many ways”. P.A. , Huntsville

“I was so impressed. You wowed everyone with your honesty and passion. It was so nice to hear the stories and the music.... I could see several people (women AND men) wiping away tears in their eyes.” R.C. Toronto

“The incredible candour and personal content of the show...and the 'magic' and heart of 'that jazz', won me over.” C.M., Bala

“I fell in love 100 times at Zoe Chilco’s ‘Zootcase’.Wish I could be there again!” L.S., Minden

“Everything was wonderful!....Keep doing it.” B.P., Toronto

“... not just a talented musician but actress as well – wow – a beautiful story teller... I thoroughly enjoyed this ...musical theatre...a combination of a book and live theatre...a reality show with intelligence” K.G. Toronto

“A reflective evening with Zoe Chilco, jazz vocalist, and trio at Bala Bay Inn. Through narrative, music and song, Zoe speaks her heart about 'I love you…what a happy day' and
'…fear took second place to knowing you.' ” T.M., Bala

“I was very touched by the show; it was a brave story”. M.S., Minden

“It moved me very much”. S.C., Bancroft

“ wonderful it was to see your show last week. We really enjoyed it. Your natural honesty was captivating and what a treat to hear that caliber of the music!” N.C., Minden

“Thanks for bringing your show to Bancroft. We all apprecaited your performances and the fellows in the combo were exceptional. Hope you return soon.” S.S., Bancroft

A couple from Alberta : “Admirable, enjoyable and impressive.” Bala

Thursday, September 30, 2010

The start of the summing up

WAAAAH! It's over (almost).
very sorry to say, the final show of ZOOTCASE is almost here (for a while, in any case).
It's been great, and the audiences have been wonderful, and have expressed a lot of appreciation for the production.
Needless to say, my musicians - Norm, John, and Ron were fantastic. - and you can still get out to the Black Swan - Danforth & Broadview, Toronto - this Sat. Oct. 2 8pm
Join us.
Meanwhile, a couple of pics.
from the top:

Minden performance;
two 'happy gang' pics, post-Bala;
pre- and during Huntsville;
the sign at Bancroft.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


ZOOTCASE; the Road Within
a story of love and music

with Norm Amadio, piano;
John Deehan, saxophone; and Ron Johnston, bass
Zoe Chilco, vocals/narrative

Sat., August 7, 2010 8pm
The Dungannon Recreation Centre
Hwy 62, South of Bancroft, Ontario

Wednesday, August 11, 2010 8pm
Bala Bay Inn, 3063 Muskoka Rd.
Bala, Ontario

Wednesday, August 18, 2010 8pm
Trinity United Church
33 Main at West, Huntsville, Ontario

Saturday, Sept. 18, 2010 8pm
The Royal Canadian Legion
Hwy 35 & Road 121, Minden, Ontario

Saturday, October 2, 2010 8pm
The Black Swan Tavern
154 Danforth Ave. at Broadview,
Toronto, Ontario.

Top: Zoe, January, 2010
Middle: Zoe, July, 1976 (just after I met Zoot)
Bottom: Tout le tout for creating Zootcase; the piano at home

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

bringing in the deep

ok - time to take a minute and relax - sort of. i've spent most of the morning trying to get a lot of details arranged for the show. everything seems to take longer and longer.
it's all coming along: got all but one venue settled, and some props organized, although i'm still looking for a 'zootcase' - a nice, weathered, old-fashioned box type; looks more like cardboard, but it's the one i want. if anyone comes across anything like that, let me know....
and please, let's all take a moment here to say a little prayer that another organization that says its aim is to 'support jazz and jazz artists' will in fact support this wee show of mine. don't want a lot, as the song says, just an eeny weeny bit.
it's very gratifying to see it all actually come into shape and reality. hope m. zoot likes it too, wherever he is.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

side by side

doing all the prep for the show - charts, scripts, press releases, lobby pictures and info, programs. it was a real surprise/delight to discover that zoot and I have actually been listed on some web links together. I found this when I searched for music listings on the net, and there we were, lined up side by side, in a way that would otherwise be impossible today.

the strangest thing was that on a couple of those listings, the songs of mine that had been cited, or played on the same program, were tunes that I had written about Zoot - brand new lover, and mr. alone. it gave me a little start to see that synchronicity, but it was lovely just the same.

alors, on continue.... lots of work to do, and unfortunately, no money from the powers that be in the funding bodies, so i will be very proud to say that i am doing this totally independently.

with a little help from my friends, bien sur.

soon, i promise: some photos.