Friday, February 26, 2010

friday facts

don't normally write so often, but after yesterday's post of the strange dream images, i just googled 'black rhubarb', and was astonished, amazed, stunned, and ok, gobsmacked too, to discover that not only is black rhubarb a real thang, but its description, on the website i found, was downright spooky, considering what i had written, - old, crazy, dream-influenced and unconscious psychic sponge person that i am. here's what they said:
Black Rhubarb
This plant is not actually a member of the rhubarb family nor is it not a plant at all. It is a fungus that an extinct race of people used in a mysterious levitation ceremony. The flavor of the stalk is very similar to rhubarb, but if ingested causes a temporary oxygen infection in which the blood fizzes and renders tactile senses reversed while the consumer experiences a feeling of flight. It is believed that if enough is eaten, one could possibly overcome gravity.

Perhaps I am the only one left of that extinct race, and I am mysteriously levitating and having feelings of flight in my bed at night. - or at least remembering the good old days.
well, lead me on, and take me to that showtime in the sky.

got two venues confirmed today.

the website that spoke of black rhubarb said to search "the dreamiest dalliances of your own heart". is this not what i am doing?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

black rhubarb, white roses, true blue

it's the dreams, the dreams; they weave in and out, they sail in silvery ghost-like form, they nudge me in the deepest dark of the night. and what's it all about, alfie?
the rhubarb was being harvested; looked evil, but apparently was healthy and full of good things.
the white roses had been abandoned in a garage so many years ago, but there they were: blooming and lovely.
the true blue is what i aim for in my heart; the inspiration of zoot's heart, love and generosity; the song i wrote of that name specifically for those dark moments....
but at 3:30 AM last night, my mind was racing with the job of my supposed waking hours: the venues. the costs. the show itself. the negativity recently dropped in my path.
negativity, real or perceived, is of course spread around by people, and they too make their little cameos in my dreams, informing me of my failure to measure up in the way that is expected. sorry, my dear.
but lo, in the dream, i reject them and their superficial success. i say no, it's not what i seek, and no, i am not wrong. image, although tempting, is not the whole package. i don't want to be superimposed on a ready-made scene. i want to dig my own groove, and have others dig the package i create.
wherever the negativity springs from, even if it's created by myself in the fearful depths of my own insecurity, i'll stick with my black rhubarb - nutrition for the body; and white roses - beauty for the soul; i'll turn away from the fear of not appealing, or blooms unseen.

simple black and white. and then, in colour, - the truest blue possible.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

hibernating & hatching

it is the dark time of the winter; the perfect environment - quiet and cocoonish - for sleeping and dreaming; for creating new ideas and scenarios for stories. i have to say that my dreams of last night - rain dripping onto my living room floor and a discovery that the water is leaking profusely into my upstairs bedroom - is a little confusing. in "reality", i am trying to get this show, zootcase, on the road, still searching for the perfect venues; that's the main issue, outside of audience and advertising, and, oh yes, money to do it all, a small detail.
in the dream, the party of young people just moved into the room next door, to avoid the soggy problems.
zootcase is my dream-coming-to-reality, after all, though based on the real-life story that i experienced with zoot, the man. ain't nobody gonna rain on my parade? is that the message? i'll just adapt and move into another room? sure. there's plenty of space in my head for alternatives ....there are a million roads in the naked heart.
meanwhile, on this dull, greyish sort of day, i awaken with the realization that spring is less than a month away. so i'm packing my 'case', and movin' to the good room.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

cutting some figure eight's

the most glorious morning earlier, and so perfect for a runthrough of 'zootcase', the show, as i glided on the just-zambonied ice, in the full sunshine, and down by the lake.

i went from end to end, and circled, and flashed my blades to a sudden stop, and waved my arms in counterpoint to the backward motions, - a special tribute to the upcoming winter olympics; from toronto to vancouver - performing all these skating moves whilst reciting the forthcoming epic i am planning to perform this summer and fall.
i cut quite a figure as i simultaneously cut mercilessly into my work of art, honing it, 'murdering my child', i think they say in the trade, to perfect clarity and conciseness. all this, while multi-tasking even further as i attended to the inevitable running nose, thanks to the biting cold.

beautiful; ya shudda bin there. but failing that, i hope you're there when the show is ready.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

burning up the road

thought this was pretty funny: looking for venues, as mentioned yesterday, and got this notice today:
"your project sounds interesting; there was a perfect venue in ________, however it burnt down recently".
you know how they say, "when a door closes...."; i assume another, better place will be built.

we will prevail.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

first words

the show is coming along; i'm going to have the first public run-through, with an invited few, to see how it all flows, as they say.

meanwhile, searching out venues and planning the itinerary for the summer. it's fun to plan, but we'll see how the actual plays out.
applied for some funding, and will attempt to be very positive in my visioning. oh there i am, getting the letter that says, yes!! we will give you some money to get this amazing venture out there to the public. yay!!!! thank you, so much. everyone.

please add your positive thoughts to this show-plan of mine. i think it's worthy.

and i thank you.