Friday, February 26, 2010

friday facts

don't normally write so often, but after yesterday's post of the strange dream images, i just googled 'black rhubarb', and was astonished, amazed, stunned, and ok, gobsmacked too, to discover that not only is black rhubarb a real thang, but its description, on the website i found, was downright spooky, considering what i had written, - old, crazy, dream-influenced and unconscious psychic sponge person that i am. here's what they said:
Black Rhubarb
This plant is not actually a member of the rhubarb family nor is it not a plant at all. It is a fungus that an extinct race of people used in a mysterious levitation ceremony. The flavor of the stalk is very similar to rhubarb, but if ingested causes a temporary oxygen infection in which the blood fizzes and renders tactile senses reversed while the consumer experiences a feeling of flight. It is believed that if enough is eaten, one could possibly overcome gravity.

Perhaps I am the only one left of that extinct race, and I am mysteriously levitating and having feelings of flight in my bed at night. - or at least remembering the good old days.
well, lead me on, and take me to that showtime in the sky.

got two venues confirmed today.

the website that spoke of black rhubarb said to search "the dreamiest dalliances of your own heart". is this not what i am doing?

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