Tuesday, February 23, 2010

hibernating & hatching

it is the dark time of the winter; the perfect environment - quiet and cocoonish - for sleeping and dreaming; for creating new ideas and scenarios for stories. i have to say that my dreams of last night - rain dripping onto my living room floor and a discovery that the water is leaking profusely into my upstairs bedroom - is a little confusing. in "reality", i am trying to get this show, zootcase, on the road, still searching for the perfect venues; that's the main issue, outside of audience and advertising, and, oh yes, money to do it all, a small detail.
in the dream, the party of young people just moved into the room next door, to avoid the soggy problems.
zootcase is my dream-coming-to-reality, after all, though based on the real-life story that i experienced with zoot, the man. ain't nobody gonna rain on my parade? is that the message? i'll just adapt and move into another room? sure. there's plenty of space in my head for alternatives ....there are a million roads in the naked heart.
meanwhile, on this dull, greyish sort of day, i awaken with the realization that spring is less than a month away. so i'm packing my 'case', and movin' to the good room.

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