Thursday, February 11, 2010

cutting some figure eight's

the most glorious morning earlier, and so perfect for a runthrough of 'zootcase', the show, as i glided on the just-zambonied ice, in the full sunshine, and down by the lake.

i went from end to end, and circled, and flashed my blades to a sudden stop, and waved my arms in counterpoint to the backward motions, - a special tribute to the upcoming winter olympics; from toronto to vancouver - performing all these skating moves whilst reciting the forthcoming epic i am planning to perform this summer and fall.
i cut quite a figure as i simultaneously cut mercilessly into my work of art, honing it, 'murdering my child', i think they say in the trade, to perfect clarity and conciseness. all this, while multi-tasking even further as i attended to the inevitable running nose, thanks to the biting cold.

beautiful; ya shudda bin there. but failing that, i hope you're there when the show is ready.

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