Wednesday, April 7, 2010

side by side

doing all the prep for the show - charts, scripts, press releases, lobby pictures and info, programs. it was a real surprise/delight to discover that zoot and I have actually been listed on some web links together. I found this when I searched for music listings on the net, and there we were, lined up side by side, in a way that would otherwise be impossible today.

the strangest thing was that on a couple of those listings, the songs of mine that had been cited, or played on the same program, were tunes that I had written about Zoot - brand new lover, and mr. alone. it gave me a little start to see that synchronicity, but it was lovely just the same.

alors, on continue.... lots of work to do, and unfortunately, no money from the powers that be in the funding bodies, so i will be very proud to say that i am doing this totally independently.

with a little help from my friends, bien sur.

soon, i promise: some photos.

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