Tuesday, April 27, 2010

bringing in the deep

ok - time to take a minute and relax - sort of. i've spent most of the morning trying to get a lot of details arranged for the show. everything seems to take longer and longer.
it's all coming along: got all but one venue settled, and some props organized, although i'm still looking for a 'zootcase' - a nice, weathered, old-fashioned box type; looks more like cardboard, but it's the one i want. if anyone comes across anything like that, let me know....
and please, let's all take a moment here to say a little prayer that another organization that says its aim is to 'support jazz and jazz artists' will in fact support this wee show of mine. don't want a lot, as the song says, just an eeny weeny bit.
it's very gratifying to see it all actually come into shape and reality. hope m. zoot likes it too, wherever he is.

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